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Introducing the turbulence monitor App. The world's most advanced 'LIVE' App for measuring turbulence in real-time! The App is specifically designed for every flight to measure the severity of turbulence in multiple different ways, as well as other important movements in-flight such as the Climb and Bank angle.

How can this App Help me ?

When an aircraft starts to get bumpy in-flight due to turbulence, most people totally lose perspective and find that any small movements trigger a series of negative thoughts of the worst-case scenario and it's these negative thoughts that make people feel nervous and scared!

However, if your perspective is corrected allowing you to understand that the movement you are experiencing is no where near as bad as you are imagining, then those negative thoughts will completely dissipate.

What does the App measure ?

The Turbulence Meter will measure any turbulence in real-time and will confirm if it is Normal, Slight, Moderate, High or Severe.

Climb Angle

The Climb Angle will measure the movement on take-off or in-flight and will display it in degrees digitally and it will confirm if it is normal or not.

Bank Angle

The Bank Angle will measure the tilt angle (left or right) of the plane and it will confirm if it is normal or not.

Bump Meter

The Bump Meter will measure any bumps during your flight and it will confirm the severity and if it is Normal, Moderate or Severe.

Proven Relaxation Techniques

The App also has many built in relaxation, reassurance and breathing strategies designed to calm you down fast should it be necessary. All the coping strategies have been created by top phobia expert Lawrence Leyton from Channel 4's prime-time TV show called 'Fear of Flying'. You will learn how to breath properly when feeling anxious, immediately preventing you from becoming more anxious.

Created by Experts

The App has been created by a team of experts, who work with thousands of phobics each year running one of the world’s leading 'fear of flying' airline courses, which has over a 95% success rate!

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"This is What Our Clients Say About Us"...


I Just take the plunge and face your fear, I thought I was never going to get on another plane again, this has changed my life. I even feel excited where as before just looking at holidays filled me full of dread. Life is too short, live life to the full!

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I was a bit apprehensive as to whether this would work. I used to be a complete wreck when flying. I am so glad I decided to go for it, it's brilliant. I am no longer afraid of flying and I am amazed that my mind-set has totally changed. I would recommend it to anyone. It really will change my life now!

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This was absolutely brilliant. It has helped me to view flying in a different way. I thought it was fantastic value for money. I would strongly recommend it...

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I can't believe I got on a plane on my own - something I would never have done before. I am usually in tears and being sick but I sat there and actually enjoyed the flight - I even took photos!! I would highly recommend this, to anyone thinking about it I would just say "Go for it!!”

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This has given me my life back without limitations. I actually enjoyed the flight and honestly cannot wait to fly again. I am so thankful to what they have developed. 17 years a non-flyer and now I cannot wait to book a holiday. Thank you all so much.

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Available in both ISO and Android

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